Poster Requirements

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The poster exhibition will be on 29 November 2012, Thursday, from 1045 – 1500. There are two poster presentation session timings on that day: 1045 – 1215h and 1315 – 1445h. Presenters will be assigned to one of the presentation sessions. We suggest that you immediately and carefully check your session details on the concurrent session schedule on the website:

Posters are to be put up on 29 Nov between 1030 and 1045. Posters are to be removed on 29 Nov, between 1500 – 1600h.

Each project presentation will have two poster panels available for poster display. The size of posters should be able to fit the poster panels provided. (Size of a poster panel: 1m (width) x 2.25m (height)). Velcro tapes for mounting posters onto the poster panels will be provided by the organizer. However, presenters will need to bring their own mounting supplies if their displays require special mounting requirements.

The title of the project and the authors’ names and affiliations should be clearly displayed at the top of the poster. The poster should be self-explanatory and logically sequenced to allow easy reading. A possible sequencing of information could be: aims of research, methods and subjects involved, experimental tasks, important results, and main points in tables or figures. Font sizes used for the poster should allow easy reading from at least 1m away.

Presenters may also consider preparing a few copies of the abstract or paper to distribute to interested participants.


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