WALS 2023 Physical Conference Registration

  1. As we are in the midst of finalising the program, presenters who registered after 31 August will not be eligible to present. However, they can still join as participants.
  2. All presenters must attend the conference in person. Neither online nor pre-recorded presentations will be allowed. However, for those who are unable to attend the conference in person, viewing the conference online is possible with limited access to the sessions and events.

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If you are currently a 10 year or life member, please email conference@walsnet.org to find our how to register the conference for free.

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PhD and Early Career Researchers Day (19 September 2022)

Free enrolment for Phd Students
A registered doctoral student OR recently awarded doctoral degree (within the last five years)
Please take note that your attendance is physical only.
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Conference Dinner (20 September 2022)

$25 ($42)
(40% off!)

School Visit (23 September 2022)


Malaysian Socio-cultural Tour (24 September 2022)

(sight-seeing at popular local venues and shopping attractions)