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Concurrent Session D

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LS in Early Childhood Education

Presenters: Dr Camilla Björklund, University of Gothenburg, Sweden; Prof Kiyomi Akita, University of Tokyo, Japan
Discussant: Dr Yean Ben Har, Marshall Cavendish Institute, Singapore
Chair: Dr Agneta Ljung-Djärf, Sweden



Progress and Resistance in the LS Movement

Presenters: Prof Ellen Yuefeng Zhang, University of Hong Kong, China; Dr Catherine Lewis, Mills College, Oakland CA, USA; Maria Bergqvist & Henrik Hansson Teachers, Educators and Learning Study Tutors, Sweden
Discussant: Dr Makota Yoshida, William Paterson University, Wayne, USA
Chairperson: Dr Constanta Olteanu, Sweden



Enhancing Students’ English Reading Competence through Lesson Study and University-School Collaborative Action Research in the Chinese Context

Wang Qiang (Chair) , Luo Shaoqian (Discussant) , Chen Zehang, Ma Xin, Qian Xiaofang, Beijing Normal University



Transcript-based Lesson Analysis in Social Studies: From Problem-Solving Learning Perspective

Yoshiaki Shibata, Shiho Nozaki, Yushi Tange, Nagoya University



Does the Theory of Variation work in the enhancement of Chinese learning for non-Chinese speaking students and their teachers?

Wai Ming Cheung1, Stephanie Wing Yan Chan1, Wing Yee Wong1, Joseph Wai Ip Lam1, Yue Zhu1, Sau Yan Hui1 (Chair: Angelika Kullberg2, Discussant: Ference Marton2)
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong1, University of Gothenburg, Sweden2



What kind of tasks do we need to give students to increase their mathematical reasoning ability about patterns?

Jenny Fred (room chairperson), Johanna Stjernlöf, Ekensbergsskolan, Sweden



Constructing Conceptual Knowledge of ‘Length’ with Procedural Knowledge of Measurement

Yoshiko Nakashima, Nor Azura Abdullah, Nagoya University, University Brunei Darussalam



Differentiation by First Principle: A Lesson Study Approach

Tan Chee Kian, Fang Chye Pin, Dunman High School



Using Learning study to improve the understanding of the equal sign

Gunilla Moisto, Anita Adolfsson, Ölmstadskolan



Incorporating “Lesson Study” in Primary teacher preparation: an exploratory research in the University of Teacher Education

Daniel Martin (room chairperson), Anne Clerc; University of Teacher Education, Lausanne, Switzerland



Improving Pre-service Secondary Teachers’ Skills of Teaching Mathematics with Geometer’s Sketchpad through Lesson Study

Chew Cheng Meng, Universiti Sains Malaysia



Developing Critera for Evaluating the quality of Implementing the Lesson Study Strategy for Teacher Candidates in their Teaching Practice Programme

Dr. Mahmood Osama Jalal, Bahrain Teachers College – University of Bahrain



New Perspectives in Teacher Education Programme for English Language Teachers: (A Lesson Study Project)

Dr. Hasan AlWadi, Dr. Vanitha Saravanan, Bahrain Teachers College – University of Bahrain



Lesson Study Policy in Florida, USA: Examination of State and District Policy Documents

Motoko Akiba (room chairperson), Bryan Wilkinson, Florida State University, USA



Lesson Study as a Means of Building Capacity for Implementing the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice

Dr. Kristen N. Bieda, Michigan State University



Models on the structure of the factors for the development of school-based practical researches : Analysis by the theory on development of professional learning communities(PLCs)

Toshiyuki Kihara, Nozomi Shimada, Kosuke Terashima Osaka Kyouiku University, Kochi University, Nagasaki University



How to Select a Worthy Object of Learning?

Anna-Lena Lilliestam, Gothenburg University, Sweden



The co-constituted Space of Learning in lessons introducing the equation of a straight line

Tuula Maunula (room chairperson), University of Gothenburg, Sweden



Using Learning Study to enhance students understanding of absolute value in Upper Secondary School Mathematics

Emma Hertz, Johanna Algebrant, Mikael Rydfalkt, Berzeliusskolan Linköping



Improving pupils ́ skills in mathematical problem solving through learning study

Jenny Dahlin, Helena Wilhelmsson, Magnus Norberg, Eva Bergström, Peter Håkman, Jorryt van Bommel Älvstranden Bildningscentrum, Hagfors



Critical aspects from an empirical and a theoretical perspective

Maria Bergqvist, Henrik Hansson, Joakim Magnusson & Tuula Maunula



Cooperative Research as University Teacher Training. A Lesson and Learning Study (LLS) Case Study

Servan Maria J. (room chairperson), Soto Encarna, Perez, Angel I.
Universidad de Malaga



Variation theory after a learning study

Jorryt van Bommel, Karlstad University



Predicaments in Teachers’ Professional Discourse: A Case Study of Japanese Lesson Studies

Yuta Suzuki, The University of Tokyo



Lesson and Learning Study (LSS) as a Strategy to Reconstruct the Practical Knowledge of Teachers

Soto Gómez E., Pérez Gómez, A., Y Servan Nuñez, M.J., Universidad De Malaga



Practical Experiences in Lesson Study and One Example

Qingfang Hu (room chairperson), Shanghai Academy Of Educational Sciences, Shanghai, China



Examining kindergarten teachers perception towards their own ways of instruction through on-site training session

Kadota, Riyo, Seinan Gakuin University, Japan



Investigating Inventive Thinking through Prototyping

John Yeo, National Institute of Education, Singapore



‘We did it their way’: using learning study to enable young people with special educational needs to shape the direction of their teaching

Tracy Edwards, Swiss Cottage School, Development and Research Centre, London, UK



Designing primary mathematics lesson study: A Didactical Design Research approach

Endang Mulyana (room chairperson), Tatang Suratno, Didi Suryadi Indonesian University of Education (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)



Two different ways of teaching division with decimal numbers

Pernilla Mårtensson1, Andreas Widlund2 School of learning and communication, University of Jönköping, Sweden1, Kyrkerörskolan, Falköping, Sweden2



Lesson Study: Cooperative Learning using ICT based investigative activities in developing student’s Quadratic Graph Concepts

Tai Kay Seng, Yeo Wei Ming



Triangles – Similar, yet Different A Mathematical Study in Grades 4, 5 and 6

Hannu Lena, Norberg Gunilla Övertorneå Municipality, Learning and Education, Övertorneå Central School



Implementing IBL in the Teaching of History: The LS Approach in Two Singapore PLC Schools

Mr Andrew Anthony1 (room chairperson), Ms Lena Teo2 Academy of Singapore Teachers - Ministry of Education1, History Unit - Curriculum Planning and Development - Ministry of Education2



Development Software for Visualization of Teachers’ Action for Lesson Study

Masanobu Sakamoto1, Fredie V. Avendano2 Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan1, DepED Caloocan, Philippines2



Learning study in a South African context

Vasen Pillay, University of the Witwatersrand



Grammatical Structure, the Progressive, with 6th grade English Language Learners in Sweden

Clare Lindström, School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University, Sweden



Problem-solving in Mathematics at Carlssons Skola, Stockholm, Sweden

Doris Lindberg (and ten teachers), Carlssons skola


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