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Concurrent Session C

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Teachers’ Professional Development With Lesson Study: Evidence From Dutch Studies

Nellie Verhoef, Daan van Smaalen, Nathalie de Weerd and Sui Lin Goei, , University of Twente, Windesheim University, VU University, The Netherlands



The gap between teachers as teachers and teachers as researchers

Per Selin (Chair), Heléne Bergentoft, Joakim Magnusson, Ulf Ryberg, Jenny Svanteson Wester University of Gothenburg



Does LS make a difference? Changes in teachers’ ways of teaching the same topic after participation in three LS

Anna Vikström1, Angelika Kullberg2, Johan Häggström2, Ulla Runesson3 1Luleå University of Technology Sweden , University of Gothenburg2, School of Education and Communication, University of Jönköping3



Learning Study as a way to inquire the meaning of knowing what is to be known

Pernilla Ahlstrand, Eva Björkholm, Jenny Frohagen, Gunn Nyberg, (Chair: Ingrid Carlgren, Discussant: Ference Marton), Stockholm University



Breaking new ground with Learning Study methodological issues concerning design and assessment – Part 2

Helena Eriksson, Åsa Lyrberg, Patrik Johansson, Roger Fermsjö, Malin Tväråna (Chair: Inger Eriksson) Stockholm University



Critical aspects and structure sense – the case of function and equation

Constanta Olteanu (room chairperson)
Linnaeus University, Faculty of Technology Department of Mathematics Education



To Compare and Describe numbers, A Learning Study in a Swedish Secondary School

Anneli Brännström, Tove Svärd, Cecilia Lind, Marie Björk, Stockholm, Sjöstadsskolan



Roles and Types of Feedback from Peer Teachers during Reflection Sessions in Improving Lesson Designs

Pupung Purnawarman, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Indonesia University of Education



Lesson Study – Learning Experience in Geometrical Construction of Angle Bisectors

Mr Tan Chee Keong, Mr Fong Wei Liang, Coral Secondary School, Ministry of Education, Singapore



Teacher professional development though lesson analysis: Science teacher’s learning from video transcripts

Anna Permanasari (room chairperson), Dian Hendriana, Ikmanda Nugraha, Tatang Suratno Indonesia University of Education



Lesson-Studying Science with Investigative Inquiry and Experiential Learning

Jee Elaine, Lee Min Jessie, Ministry Of Education (MOE) / Bukit Panjang Government High School



Effect of Student Guidance Based on Lesson Study to Accelerate Students’ Accomplishment in Implementation of Problem Based Learning Model with Various Learning Strategies

Dr. Suciati Sudarisman, Science Education, Postgraduate, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia



Improving a Science Lesson with Anchored Instruction using Lesson Study Approach

Peh Yunn Chyn Clare, Pang Kia Keng, Brenda Kok Wei Ling, Nanyang Primary School, Singapore



The understanding how Formality and Linguistic Structures Help Readers, A Learning Study in Swedish as Mother Tongue

Gunilla Pettersson Berggren (room chairperson), Camilla Druid, Kristina Nyström, Sjöstadsskolan, Stockholm



Big words by Little Writers

Susan Thomas, Catherine Yew, Jaime Lim, Kevin Chen, Choah Hui Min, SingaporeRoom



Workshops for developing a learning community in a school: From the viewpoint of curriculum management

Tomoko Tamura, Nakamura Gakuen University



The Role of School Principals in School Reform through Lesson Study

Pupung Purnawarman, Harun Imansyah, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (Indonesia University of Education)



School-based mentor perspectives on the inclusion of lesson study in an initial teacher education programme: successes and constraints

Cajkler Wasyl (room chairperson), Wood Phil, University of Leicester



Evaluating the use of Lesson Study as a ‘response to teaching’ method of assessing the needs of pupils with learning difficulties

Brahm Norwich, Annamari Ylonen ,Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter, U.K



From objectives to the object of learning. Teachers designing for learning by using learning study as a way to inquire teachers planning in social studies in 8th grade classrooms

Rebecka Florin Sädbom, Jönköping University, School of Education and Communication, Sweden



Use of Model Method in Solving Mathematical Word Problems

Michael Kao, Kimmy Tan Sue Ling, Choo Kay Ngee, Kok Lee Yook, Teo Wei Loon
Tao Nan School, Ministry of Education, Singapore



New beginnings : The first Lesson Study project in Norway

Tone Baugstø1 (room chairperson), Anne Karin Haldorsen1 , Elaine Munthe2 Bømlo kommune1, University of Stavanger2



How does lesson study develop teachers’ competence in class: an analysis of lesson records focusing on teacher and student communication

Banno Kumi, Atsushi Sakamoto, Nagoya University, Seijoh University



How teachers’ bouncing questions roles on fostering students’ reasoning

Arif Hidayat, Harun Imansyah, Indonesia University of Education



Chinese lesson study: Developing classroom instruction through collaborations in school-based Teaching Research Group activities

Yudong Yang1, Thomas E. Ricks2 Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences, China1, Louisiana State University, USA2



Students’ progression in knowledge development: A longitudinal study

Airi Rovio-Johansson (room chairperson), Gothenburg Research Institute, University of Gothenburg, Sweden



Critical Success Factors for the Implementation of Lesson and Learning Study

Eric C. K. Cheng, The Hong Kong Institute of Education



Improving school: The case of school based lesson study at SMPN 1 Ujung Jaya

Sumar Hendayana, Tatang Suratno, Tuti Sugiarti, Indonesia University of Education



Exploring the variety in the implementation of Lesson Study in Singapore schools: Implications for quality and sustainability

Christine Kim-Eng Lee, Christina Lim-Ratnam
National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University



Teaching and Learning in Religious Education: Learning Study in Teacher Education

Elina Wright,Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford



How Supervisors of Educational Administration Empower Lesson Study in Schools: Case Studies of Prefectures in Japan

Toshiya Chichibu, National Institute for Educational Policy Research of Japan



Supporting the emergence of a virtual lesson study community

M. Hope Yursa, Cheryl Fricchione, Jason Silverman, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA



Cross-country analysis of teacher reflection in lesson study

Yumiko Ono1, Kensuke Chikamori1, John Rogan2 Naruto University of Education1, University of KwaZulu- Natal2



Collaborative mentoring through lesson study – lessons from a Singapore primary school

Rachel Goh , National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University



Using lesson study as a tool for more effective mentoring

Koh Yvonne Feng Ying, Abdul Aziz Nor Azah, Aw Yi Ling Audrey, Martin Grace Serena Edward, Soh Chee Kiong, Yip Yiling Felicia, Jurong Junior College



How do I use the ideas of Learning Study in my everyday work?

Mattias Hellstedt



Teaching for understanding

Lena Åstedt (room chairperson), Annika Gustafsson Partille Kommun, Ugglums skola, Öjersjö Storegård, Sweden


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