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LS as School Development from Principals’ Perspectives

Presenters: Srdjan Muratóvic, Fenestra centrum, Gothenburg; Lena Lindblad-Petersén, Sjöstadsskolan, Stockholm; Dr Vincent Andrew, University Brunei Darussalam
Discussant: Ulla Runesson, Sweden Chairperson: Ann-Charlotte Mårdsjö, Sweden



Variation theory in early childhood education – focus on learning

Associate Professor Agneta Ljung-Djärf, PHd Susanne Thulin, PHd Laila Gustavsson, (Chair: Andreas Magnusson), Kristianstad University



Professional development - contributions to teachers ́ pedagogical content knowledge through participation in lesson/learning studies

Clas Olander (Chair), Kerstin Gross, Sara Gunneriusson, Ida Häggmark, Henrik Krondahl, Selma Kuyumcu, Ellinor Magnusson, Ann-Chatrine Stenermark & Lander Lam Tat Ho (Discussant: Peter Dudley) University of Gothenburg, Sweden; Bäckäng upper secondary school, Borås, Sweden; CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School, Hong Kong



The role of the expert teacher in Lesson Study

Diana Hatchett1, Gill Jordan2, Louise Matthews3, Gilda Possible4 Director, Every Child our Future1, Independent Consultant and Expert Adviser2, Edge Hill University3, Consultant & Associate Reading Recovery Teacher Leader4



Teachers as Students (TasS): a time-lagged design experiment involving Lesson Study among student teachers in Norway

Elaine Munthe (Chair), University of Stavanger



Breaking new ground with Learning Study methodological issues concerning design and assessment – Part 1

Helena Eriksson, Åsa Lyrberg, Patrik Johansson, Roger Fermsjö, Malin Tväråna, (Chair: Inger Eriksson)
Stockholm University



Economic decision making: what is the object of learning?

Keith Wood (room chairperson)
Universiti Brunei Darussalam



Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of the Humanities Source-based Case Study using Paul’s Wheel of Reasoning

Mrs Rosini Haniff, Miss Nani Rahayu, Ms Shobitha Vasudevan, Miss Pang Yanfeng, Alexandra



Effective communication and test construction

Lucian Olteanu, Linnaeus University, Sweden



Use of visual learning tool to enhance students’ abilities to read, understand and analyse Mathematical word problems

Miss Poh Toon Ling, Mr Yeo Peng Seng, Mr Zhang Zishao, Samuel, Mr Lim Kok Soon



The use of Variation Theory to enhance second language learners’ Chinese vocabulary and metaphorical competence in Hong Kong secondary schools

Wai Ming Cheung (room chairperson), Stephanie Wing Yan Chan, The University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong



Pupils’ ability to adapt their language while interacting in English as a foreign language

Per Selin, University of Gothenburg



Applying Variation Theory to English Expository Writing

Jee Elaine
MOE/ Bukit Panjang Government High School, Singapore



Linguistic Strategies for Learning English

Gunilla Pettersson Berggren, Charlotta Wilson, Annette Falkenkrans, Johanna Jonegård Sjöstadsskolan, Stockholm



Lesson Studies in Technology-enabled Environment: Teaching and Learning Using Social Media in Japan and the Philippines

Fredie V. Avendano (room chairperson), Masanobu Sakamoto, Department of Education/Aichi Institute of Technology



Designing A Questioning Model based on revised Bloom’s Taxonomy to teach comprehension skills using the Lesson Study Approach

Tee Guat Hwa



Designing for learning about sentences and punctuation marks in mother tongue tuition

Beslic, Arnela1; Hoff Antonsson, Katarina1; Holm, Susanne1; Holmqvist Olander, Mona2; Öberg, Eva1 Kungälv municipality1, University of Gothenburg2



Pre-reading comprehension in mother tongue tuition

Andersson, Christina1; Ehrnlund, Ingrid1; Ekerstedt, Anna1; Holmqvist Olander, Mona2; Klangeryd, Marie1, Råå, Anette1 Kungälv municipality1, University of Gothenburg2



Critical Praxis Inquiry of Pedagogical Efficiency: From Lesson Analysis Perspective

Masami Matoba, Professor - Tokaigakuen University, Emeritus Professor of Nagoya University



Lesson Study on University Students’ Understanding of Teaching and Learning based on Lesson Records: from an Educational Psychology lecture.

Atsushi Sakamoto, Takenobu Fukaya, Seijoh University, Seijoh University



From natural numbers to whole numbers (from N → Z) – a Learning Study about the importance of identifying critical aspects, to enhance pupils ́ learning.

Anna Lövström, School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University, Sweden



Creating Learning – developing responsive pedagogy with International Masters students: a participatory approach to lesson study in Higher education

Phil Wood, Wasyl Cajkler, School of Education, University of Leicester



Peer Coaching as School-based Professional Development on the Performance of Primary Science Teachers in Brunei Darussalam

Dr Siew Bee Lim (room chairperson), Dr Poh Seng Huat, Dr Norhijah Hj Ahmad, Universiti Brunei Darussalam



From the results of determining the observation of the qualities of teachers through the lesson study on the subject of chemistry

Enebish Jargalsaikhan1, Nyamgerel Choijilsuren2, Oyuntsetseg Nookoo2, Oyunbileg Doljinsuren1, Oyuntungalag Orosoo1 Institute Of Teacher’s Professional Development, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia1; NUM, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering School, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia2


Analysis of the discourse structure of elementary schools in Vietnam: focusing on science classes

Masatsugu Murase1, Eisuke Saito2, Atsushi Tsukui3 Azabu Institute of Education/Nago City Board of Education, Japan1, National Institute of Education, Singapore2, International Development Center of Japan3



Learning Study - Is it necessary for parental learning?

Luis Go (room chairperson), Ming Fai Pang, Sung Tak Fung
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China



Developing children’s understanding of graphical symbols: Patterns of variation and meta-communication

Magnusson Maria, Linnaeus University/Gothenburg University, Sweden



Differentiated Instruction in Teaching and Learning of Chinese Characters using Pictorial Representation

Ming Loh, Joey Lim, St. Stephen’s School



What ́s going on? A Learning study on Children ́s Play, Primary School Age Child Care

Gunilla Pettersson Berggren, Helena Ask, Elisabeth Sand, Sjöstadsskolan, Stockholm



Defining what Quality is in the Arts Programme in Swedish Upper Secondary School

Holmqvist Olander, Mona2 ; Andersson, Carita1; Bengtsson, Ann1; Bergström, Henrik1; Casserly, Adam1; Johansson, Gustav1; Liljedahl, Ulrika1; Molin, Mats1; Rupertsson, Angela1; Wennström Sandsjö, Åsa1 Bäckäng Upper Secondary School, Borås, Sweden1, University of Gothenburg, Sweden2Code



Promoting Lesson Study as Teacher Research in an Indonesian Early Childhood Education: The case of Gagas Ceria Preschool, Bandung – Indonesia

Delila Saskia1, Tatang Suratno2, Hiroyuki Kuno3 (room chairperson) GagasCeria Preschool - Indonesia1, Indonesia University of Education2, Aichi University of Education - Japan3



A self-improving school system: the central role of Lesson Study

Jean Lang
London Borough of Camden



Designing a Song Writing unit with Learner-Centered Teaching using Lesson Study Approach

Mavis Tan Jiak Shiang, Joyce Ang Bee Gaik, Mok Sze Hui, Nanyang Primary School Music Department



Implementation of Learning Study in Mörbylånga Municipality

Anna Wallgren, Emma Ek, Nicklas Elgan, Anna Lövström, Mörbylånga Municipality



Has the lesson study changed the teachers of Mongolia?

Tetsuya Ishii, Nokoo Oyuntsetseg, Sayaka Suzuki Koei Research Institute International Corp., Tokyo Japan; Mongolia National University, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia; Koei Research Institute International Corp., Tokyo Japan



Learning Study - Implementation of an Alternative Approach to Teaching

Thomas Bergström, Tobias Nordin, Sara Fritz, Lena Lindberg, Linda Eldståhl, Sofia Sander, Emma Rönning



Developing Communities of Practices in Norrtälje municipality

Jane Tuominen, Charlotta Andersson, Advisors of the municipality of Norrtälje



A new way of planning lessons with Learning Study as a tool

Jenny Lind, Therése Kraffke, Ytterby elemantary school, Kungälv, Sweden



A Study on Learning in an Authentic Environment

Eliza Abdul Rashid (room chairperson), Mohamed Faisal, Rachel Long
Guangyang Primary School, Singapore



A Learning Study approach on how to open up the space of learning in creative writing

Anja Thorsten
School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University



The introduction of a Blended Learning component to foreign language classroom in Japan and the reaction of its implementation by instructors

Bruce Lander,1 Tetsuo Kuramoto2 Kurume University1, Aichi University of Education2


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