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Concurrent Session A

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LS in special education

Presenters: Pete Dudley, University of Leicester, UK & Goei Sui Lin, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Discussant: Christine Lee, Singapore Chairperson: Angelika Kullberg, Sweden



LS in teacher education

Presenters: Jorryt van Brommel, University of Karlstad, Sweden, Pang Ming Fai, University of Hong Kong, China
Discussant: Manabu Sato, Japan Chairperson: Göran Brante, Sweden



LS as teacher research

Presenters: Gérard Sensevey, University of Western Brittany, France, Anna Vickstrom, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, Fang Yanping, National Institute of Education, Singapore
Discussant: Hiroyuki Kuno, Aichi University of Education, Japan
Chairperson: Ulla Runesson, Sweden



Promoting Learning & Jisho Biki Through Using Jisho Biki with LS: ways to enhance learning

Presenter: Keisuke Fukaya, Chubu University, Japan; Edmund Lim, Huamin Primary School, Singapore; Nobuhiko Kohata, Benesse Corporation, Japan



Bringing creativity and thinking skills into information science course for the college students

Naoka Osada, Seisen Jogakuin College



Building learning community: the way to enhance staff’s capability in teaching basic science for non-science students

Bibin Rubini, Deddy Sofyan, Pakuan University, Indonesia



A longitudinal case study of reflection on wiki in physics in higher education through lesson study

Mayumi Oie, Yoko Ichikawa, Norikazu Todoroki Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, Chiba Institute of Technology



Teaching and learning technological systems in the Swedish compulsory school

Maria Svensson, Åke Ingerman, Shirley Booth, Anders Berglund, Jonas Emanuelsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden



Building a Learning Community using Lesson Study

Sue Teague, Amanda Howes, UK



Lesson Study of California Charter Schools - resource usage from outside organizations

Takaaki Horai, Takada Junior College



Learning and teaching about Islam based on the framework of Critical Religious Education and Variation Theory of Learning: A case of Muslim Girls Secondary School in London

Ayse Demirel, King’s College London



Issues of an online lesson study: What teachers see in the classroom?

Shigeru Sasajima1, Atsushi Sakamoto2, Saitama Medical University1, Seijo University2



Pupils improving teaching, teachers improving learning - raising standards of teaching and learning in a UK secondary school through the use of lesson study

Susan Tilstone ,Michael Liddicoat, The Archbishop’s School, Canterbury, Kent, UK



Novice EFL Teachers’ Pedagogical Knowledge Development in Lesson Study Activities

Hao Xu, Beijing Foreign Studies University



Examining teacher roles during planning and debrief sessions of Lesson Study in US mathematics teacher professional development

Susan Nickerson, Bridget Druken, Mike Fredenberg, San Diego State University, California, USA



Composition of “Practical subjects group of teaching profession” for getting the practical capability as teachers for pre-teachers.

Hiroo Tsukamoto, Toshiro Kikunaga, Katsushi Makihara, Yutaka Kusuhara, Kagoshima University, Japan



Problem Finding- Key to Unlock Teachers’ Professional Learning in Lesson Study

John Yeo, Elaine Jee National Institute of Education, Singapore, Bukit Panjang Government High School, Singapore



Differentiated Instruction in a mixed-ability mathematics classroom

Dr Radha Devi Oonnithan, Ms Suhailar Mansor, Ms Jenny Lim, Mr Seow Han Chien Hai Sing Catholic School



From implicit to explicit ”knowing how” of the physical ability of running

Heléne Bergentoft, Antonio Castilla Tapio, Karin Hedlund, Josefine Högberg, Maria Kjelin Keel, Örtendahl Svante, IDPP University of Gothenburg, Sweden; Bäckängsgymnasiet Borås, Sweden



How can I improve my results in 30m sprint

Lena Dahlén, Johanna Wallinder, Thomas Ahlberg, Mattias Holmstrand, Fredrik Wessbro Sweden, Öjersjö Storegård/BrunnCode



Using Lesson Study to develop our teacher professional learning community in a large rural Upper School in the UK

David Goode Schools University Partnership in Educational Research Group, University of Cambridge



Understanding staff reluctance to Lesson Study

Lim-Ratnam, Christina
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University



Lesson Study as a Model of Improving Teaching: Focus on Collegiate-Level of Education

Takaki Ishida, Atsuchi Sakamoto, Takenobu Fukaya Seijoh University 2-172 Fukinodai, Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan



Investigating lesson study within a community of practice: a professional development intervention for mathematics teachers engaging in a new centralised curriculum

Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain; School of Education, Trinity College Dublin



To read what not is written. Report from a learning study with inferences as a learning object in an upper secondary school.

Wennås Brante Eva1 (room chairperson), Gunnarsson Elsa2, Olofsson Eva2, Nordlander Hanna2 Gothenburg University, Sweden1; Bäckängsgymnasiet, Borås, Sweden2



Using MTV Creative Questions and 6+1 Traits Writing Model to teach Ideas Focusing on Details in Writing to Low Progressing Pupils

Norimah, Joanne Yak, Teo Weilun & Shaifulizan, Siew Chong
St Andrew’s Junior School, Singapore (MOE)



How come our well-planned teaching doesn’t give us the results we expect? How come students don’t understand what we want them to?

Sanna Schoultz, Desirée Stanne, Mikael Örnemar



Enhancing Mentoring practice through Lesson Study

Nani Rahayu, Rosini Haniff, Rasidah Rasit, Koh Mei Ling, Audrey Chen
Tanjong Katong Secondary School, Singapore



Reconstruction of the Teaching Experience in Pre-school Teachers Education in Andalucia (Spain) through LS of Classroom Projects

Elisabeth Rivas Moreno1 (room chairperson), Ana Laura Maldonado Sánchez2 Mare Nostrum School, Torrox, Malaga, Spain1; Pinolivo Pre-school, Las Chapas, Marbella- Málaga, Spain2



Lesson Study at GagasCeria primary school

Fisianty Harahap1, Sinta Ratna Sari1, Tatang Suratno2 GagasCeria Primary School1, Indonesia University of Education2



Changing teaching, inquiring learning

Tatang Suratno, Endang Mulyana
Indonesia University of Education (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)



Learning to research through lesson study: GagasCeria primary school teachers experience

Indra Indihira Trimasty, GagasCeria Elementary School, INDONESIA



Comparing and ordering fractions – a learning study

Kristina Dragery1 (room chairperson), Malin Erdtman1, Cecilia Kihamn2 Transtenskolan, Hallsberg1, Gothenburg University2



The Impact of a Lesson Study Cycle on Elementary School Teachers’ Self-Efficacy in Teaching Mathematics

Chepina Rumsey1, Deborah Nauerth2, Molly Emert2 Kansas State University1, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School2



How can we use the students misconception (false ideas) in our lesson

Alexandra Nilsson, Maria Andersson, Sweden



A Learning Study on Health

Åse Freiburghaus, Kristianstad University



To experience human dependence on nature - ecosystem services, a new concept in school biology

Andreas Magnusson (room chairperson), Jönköping University



Use of Problem Based Learning to solve authentic problems with Mathematics

Oon Tze Ying ( Main), Tan Cai Yu, Loh Swan Shya Serene, Lin Huiyuan
Ministry of Education (Singapore), Seng Kang Secondary School



Building Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge through Collaborative Learning

Lim May Ling Angeline, Goh Yueh Yuan, Wong May Leng Anne, Irene Tan
Ministry of Education, Academy of Singapore Teachers



Lessons from the LEARN (Local Education and Academic Research Network) Project: An update on a critical education research project to empower teacher- researchers and local knowledge

Nils Olov Fors, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Indiana University of Pennsylvania



Empowering and engaging learners :Using Readers’ Theatre and dramatization “1-act freeze frame with narration” to improve pupils’ oracy skills

Ms Teo Bee Poh, Pei Chun Public School, Singapore


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