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WALS Conference 2012 Programme

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Concurrent Session F                                                              29 November 2012





Complex object of learning - How to improve learning democracy at school by the use of Variation Theory and Learning Study

SANDBERG Birte (Room Chairperson), Kristianstad University
HOLMQVIST OLANDER Mona, University of Gothenburg, SWEDEN



Pedagogical content knowledge in Biology generated by the use of Learning Study 

OLANDER Clas, HOLMQVIST OLANDER Mona, University of Gothenburg, SWEDEN



From a single lesson to a series of lessons: The contribution of Learning Study to re-design the pedagogy of teaching the whole unit on the topic of subject-verb agreement 

CHAN Wing Yan, Hong Kong Institute of Education, HONG KONG



Introduction of Lesson Study in the Philippines at the midst of K-12: Search for the appropriate model from the Japanese tradition

AVENDANO Fredie (Room Chairperson), SEDILLA Carleen, GONZALES Corazon,
Department of Education, PHILIPPINES
SAKAMOTO Masanobu,
 Aichi Institute of Technology, JAPAN



Development of teaching methodology through Lesson Study in Primary School of Mongolia

OYUNAA Purevdorj, Ministry Of Education, MONGOLIA



Lesson Study made easy: Structure and processes

WOO Ching Nee, TOH Lay Hoon, TAN Jin Sha, YONG Lai Yee Michelle, LIM Lymin Joel, Chung Cheng High School (Main), SINGAPORE



Developing better conceptual understanding through collaborative and self-directed learning 

ANG Guat Hong, ABDUL RAHMAN Nadiah, ONG Wuan Seah, JAYAKUMAR R, TAN Wan Sim, YAP Siew Phing, Montfort Secondary School, SINGAPORE



Enhancing students' learning experience in rationalising ratio in Mathematics 

LEE Donny Wee Sion, YONG Janson Kiam Ham, TOH Chin Hwee, LEE Ching Fong, TAY  Liyan, Northbrooks Secondary School, SINGAPORE



Lesson study: Use of Geogebra in graph sketching of quardratic functions 

TAN Eric, ANG Kai Jie, Cedar Girls' Secondary School, SINGAPORE



Leading Lesson Study: Issues and responses 

LIM Edmund, Huamin Primary School, SINGAPORE



Technology in Indonesian classrooms: Do teachers actually use technology in teaching? 

PURNAWARMAN Pupung, FADHLY Fahruz Zaman, Universitas Pendidikan; Universitas Kuningan; INDONESIA



The uniqueness of Japanese and local Science teachers during Lesson Study practice in the opening session of their classroom instruction 

NUGRAHA Ikmanda, SURATNO Tatang, Universitas Pendidikan INDONESIA



Using Predict-Observe-Explain Model and concept cartoon to construct, analyse, and promote arguments and address common misconceptions in the learning of refraction: A 21stC approach

KOH Chee How, SEAH Wan YI Wendy, KOH Tai Xiang, Kranji Secondary School, SINGAPORE



Reduction of Physics' misconceptions through Problem-Based Learning 


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A case study of Lesson Study in Japan: From the point of view of Action Research 

KURAMOTO Tetsuo, CHIJIWA Mineko, TOMINAGA Shun, Saga University, JAPAN



The effects Lesson Study had on teachers and students in the teaching and learning of Mathematics 

LONG Alice, BEH Mui Leng, SONG Rosemary, CHAN Sock Har, LIM Soh Cheng, GAN Justina, LIM Siew Joo, FOO Kum Fong, TAN Lay Hoon, SINGAPORE Chinese Girls' School 



Qualitative research of Learning Study for Year 10 combined Science students: A comparison 

PG OSMAN Ak.Eddyroyanto, Menglait Secondary School, BRUNEI



Factors influencing teachers' collaboration in Lesson Study for teaching Physics through inquiry 

MARAMAG Cerilina, University of the PHILIPPINES



Levels of reflection during Lesson Study discussion sessions 

ONO Yumiko (Room Chairperson), ROGAN John, CHIKAMORI Kensuke, Naruto University of Education, JAPAN



Using Lesson Study to promote greater collaborative learning among teachers teaching Upper Secondary Biology 

TAY Siew Peng, KRISHNASAMY Maha Letchimi, TOH Ghim Yeow Kenny, LUEI Sin Yen Joselyn, PANG Ronnie, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School, SINGAPORE



Teachers' discourse supporting professional development: A case study of Lesson Studies in Japan 

SUZUKI Yuta, The University of Tokyo, JAPAN



Lesson Study in developing Tamil language pedagogy 

LASKHMI Seetha (Room Chairperson), National Institute of Education, SINGAPORE
SARAVANAN, Vanithamani, University of BAHRAIN



Investigating the shifted on the lesson: How interaction of technology knowledge with content and pedagogy is changed M

AULANA Reza Taufik, NURAENI Fitri,HIDAYAT Arif,  Universitas Pendidikan INDONESIA



Lessons from students: A case of teacher professional development programme in West Java 

YUSUF Fazri Nur, Universitas Pendidikan INDONESIA



Effective teaching of Chinese interaction skills 

TAN Ning Si, Ang Mo Kio Primary School, SINGAPORE



Teacher-led Professional Development Model: Lesson Study in Singapore Chinese language teaching and learning 

LIM Kwee Hua, CHIA Swee Hong, LIM Chin Nam, Ministry of Education, SINGAPORE



The study of speeches for High School students 

DU Pin, Beijing No.4 High School, CHINA



The present status and possibility of Lesson Study in Zambia: Focusing on teachers' learning motivation

ISHII Hiroshi, Hiroshima University, JAPAN



Quality professional development, motivated teachers, and improving classroom practices: Has lesson Study added value? 

TAN Chew Shie, Catholic High School, SINGAPORE



Junior Secondary Science teachers' self-efficiency belief in Science teaching in piloting and non-piloting Lesson Study sites 

GHAFUR Abdul, Hiroshima University, JAPAN



The Star Strategy in What's Wrong Approach to Problem Solving

KAN Amanda, TEO Jonah, TOH Peggy,
Pei Tong Primary School, SINGAPORE



Cubing your way through comprehension with annotation and visualization 

RAMLI Harlinah, FANG Chua, LOH Tze Mui, FONG Yoon Yee, Shuqun Primary School, SINGAPORE



Integrating conversation into P4 Compo Writing

LING Yi Chin, LAU Kai Yen, WONG King Sing, LU Baozhu, St Anthony's Primary School, SINGAPORE



Improving pupils’ writing, teachers’ pedagogical knowledge and leaders’ knowledge of cross-school collaboration through a Lesson Study approach

JORDAN Gill, Gill Jordan Consulting Ltd, UNITED KINGDOM

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Lesson Study development in Indonesia from MGMP to school: Case study in Pasuruan District and East Java-Indonesia 

IBROHIM Ibrohim, State University of Malang, INDONESIA



A study on Project Management Theory in integrated curriculum development from a case study of schools integration in Tosu City

NGUYEN Huyen Trang,
Saga University, VIETNAM



Transforming traditional schools in The Netherlands into learning communities: Connecting information from videos and theory

BULTERMAN Jacquelien (Room Chairperson),
Ede University Of Applied Sciences, THE NETHERLANDS



Open classroom: An inter-disciplinary approach 

NOORDIN Salama, WONG Shumin Aileen, NG Wei Ling, LIM Wen Chiang Ivan, GOH Wee Suan, Temasek Junior College, SINGAPORE



Report 2: Using Lesson Study as a unifying platform for building school culture 

K S MOORTHY Md Shahrin, SAYED MOBARAK Salahu Deen, Broadrick Secondary School, SINGAPORE



Teaching of distance and speed time graphs through authentic experiential learning 

ONG Jack, NG-GOH Shwu Jun, Chong Boon Secondary School, SINGAPORE



Oops, are children learning what was intended by the teacher? Understanding students' responses to tasks in Physical Education using the Lesson Study 'model' of classroom inquiry 

YEO Connie, TAN Kwang San Steven, National Institute of Education, SINGAPORE



Game Concept Approach (GCA) in the teaching of Physical Education

VAITHILINGAM David, LEONG Jason, QUEK Benjamin, TAN Eddie, Coral Secondary School, SINGAPORE



Explicit teaching of inferential questions 

YAAKOP Fazilah, Ang Mo Kio Primary, SINGAPORE



Teaching points of view using Making Thinking Visible (Mtv) 

TEO Weilun, St. Andrew's Junior School, SINGAPORE



Increasing pupils' confidence and improving pupils' performance in open-ended comprehension questions

PRAKASH Shanti, ALJARU Afifah, MOKHTAR Suhaidah, MUSTAFFA Azlin, SUNG Kelvin, Tao Nan School, SINGAPORE



Using rubrics to evaluate ideas and voice in students' compositions

WONG Lynette,  
TAN Boon Seng Steven, SNG Yee Yee Josephine, PHUA Victoria, KOAY Say Shin Victoria
St Andrew's Junior School, SINGAPORE



Effects of 5W1H writing strategy on narrative writing 

LEONG Cheng Im, Open University MALAYSIA



Generating ideas through the use of ICT tools 

LEE Chin Han, PALANIANDY Mallika, MOHAMAD TAHAR Juliana, LIM Jing Han, Woodlands Ring Primary School, SINGAPORE



Teaching problem solving in Primary School Mathematics: From a teacher's lens 

WEE Jee Chen Charlotte (Room Chairperson), WANG Jinyan, Haig Girls' School, SINGAPORE



Identifying 1 Step/2 Steps Mathematics word problems 

MOHAMED AM Nurul Asyikin, Tampines Primary School, SINGAPORE



Using Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to teach one-step multiplication word problems 

ABDULLAH Siti Noorbiyah, TAN Amy, MURALI Krishnan, LEE Rena, SHANMUGAM Vincent, SOH Eric, Ang Mo Kio Primary School, SINGAPORE



Effective teaching of Chinese through 10C! 

TAN Toon Lim, CHENG Siew Kim, HONG Yuning, LEW Yee Loo Michelle, West View Primary School, SINGAPORE



Enhanced writing using 'Personification'

SOH Hoon Suu, CHIN Yoke Lan, CAO Liu,  LEE Ai Lian, WONG Hui Lynn, HUANG Wanqi, LEE Ai Lian, REN Si Xuan, Woodlands Ring Primary School, SINGAPORE



Using bilingual approach to learn Chinese sentence structure 

LENG Kok Keong, HAN Ying, CHIEN Chia Yuh, TAN Yi Ru, YANG Yiqun, CHEW Si Min, St Stephen's School, SINGAPORE



Lesson Study: Two case studies 

GAN Pearlyn (Room Chairperson), National Institute of Education, SINGAPORE



Making thinking visible through Journal Writing 

YONG Wei Min Stephanie, NG Xin Yi, East View Primary School, SINGAPORE



Performance and motivation in Mathematics learning 

AKBAR Zuraida, HELMI Eymani, BASHIR MAMMADKUNH Mohamed, Yu Neng Primary School, SINGAPORE



A case study of Proportional Reasoning

OLTEANU Lucian, Linnaeus University, SWEDEN



Problem solving or solving problems? 

VAN BOMMEL Jorryt, Karlstad University, SWEDEN



The impact of Lesson Study approach on improving teaching competency 

TAN Bee Bee, MAK Amanda, NG Brandon, Nanyang Primary School, SINGAPORE



Using 5E model, engagement, and exploration to apply to a real-life situation 

SWARNA V Swarna Leela, LEE Ai Ling, LOW Heng Chong, CHEW Xuan Hui, CHEONG Gui Ying, Jurong Primary School, SINGAPORE



Taking Lesson Study outdoors 

MOHAMED YUNOS Mohamed Faisal, LONG Rachel, ABDUL RASHID Eliza, Guangyang Primary School, SINGAPORE



Developing thinking dispositions in Science exploration using OPA

LIM Petrina, NG Kevin, NGIN Chor Hong, NG Wee Liam, ONG Ivan
, St Andrew's Junior School, SINGAPORE



Effects of Lesson Study on teaching professional development and teacher education in Vietnam 

TRINH Lap, NGUYEN Thi Hong Nam, HO Thi Thu Ho, Can Tho University, VIETNAM



Implementing Lesson Study: A case study of micro teaching class

MURSADI Maryam, Sampoerna School of Education, INDONESIA



The development of student’s awareness who take course with “Trial Lessons” – Through the lectures of “Studies of Practical Instruction” 

TSUKAMOTO Hiroo, Kagoshima University, JAPAN



Using Describe Analyse and Interpret (DAI) approach to teach visual literacy: A 21stC approach

WU, Renee, SUPARI Norhayati, RAWI Ratnawati, Kranji Secondary School, SINGAPORE



The effects of vocabulary and Semantic map strategies in narrative text comprehension 

MOHD YUSSOF Yusfarina, JAMIAN Abdul Rasid, ZAINON HAMZAH Zaitul Azma, ROSLAN Samsilah, Putra University of MALAYSIA



A Continuum model of Critical Thinking: Theory and Practice 

ONG Bernard, Shepherding Children Hearts Llp, SINGAPORE



Sketch graphs, polynom functions 

HERTZ Emma, GRANATH Hans, RYDFALK Mikael, Berzeliusskolan, SWEDEN



Designing the Geometer's sketchpad activities for teaching Mathematics through Lesson Study

CHEW Cheng Meng, LIM Chap Sam, Universiti Sains MALAYSIA



Promoting authentic instructions in Lower Secondary Computer Applications: Lessons learned through Lesson Study 

LIM Shi Hao, NAZIR AHMAD Nurieza, YAP Wee Yong Simon, Broadrick Secondary School, SINGAPORE



Lesson study on shapes of molecules 

LIM Aileen, LOW Kian Seh, CHENG Boon Wah, TAN Kuang Shing, YEOW Chern Ee, LI Xuanjun, Temasek Junior College, SINGAPORE



Using IBL approach to teach the concept of acidity and the chemical reactions of acids 

MOHD SHARIFF Shuryati, KHOO Elaine Ying Ling, TAN Siong Leong, Woodgrove Secondary School, SINGAPORE



Improving quality of Experimental General Chemistry lecturing using process standard learning design; Formal lesson design for Indonesian school 

MUNTHOLIB Muntholib, SANTOSA Santosa, University of Malang, INDONESIA



Infusing Polya's Four-Step Problem Solving process into the Secondary One Express Mathematics curriculum 

LIN Huiyuan, YEW Daniel, ABDUL RAHMAN Syahrulnizam, LOH Serene, HUI Win Sun, LIM Alex, Sengkang Secondary School, SINGAPORE

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The Order of Operations - A Learning Study in Mathematics 

BERGKVIST Kent, OLSSON Anna, Fenestra Centrum, SWEDEN



Secret strategy in sustaining Lesson Study as a form of teacher professional development in the district of Sumedang 

SUPRIATNA Asep, KUSDIJANTONO Timbul, Universitas Pendidikan INDONESIA



The use of case studies in teaching Primary 5 Science 

LOW Jo-Fan, TAN Roger Whye Kwang, LIM Catherine Chiek Kuan, RAMAN Karthiyayini N, Xinghua Primary School
LOKE Wai Ling, Choa Chu Kang Primary School, SINGAPORE

>Powerpoint Slides


Infusing thinking routines into the teaching of Primary 3 Science 

LIM Kok Soon, SEW Pearlyn, St. Andrew's Junior School, SINGAPORE



Does the ability to represent equivalent fractions help in the addition of related fractions?

CHEW Anthony, TAY Annie, MAJID Kamarudin, KAUR Kiranjeet, WEE Wei Min, CHUAH Shelley, Jurong Primary School, SINGAPORE

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