Minutes of 5th Annual General Meeting

World Association of Lesson Studies

Minutes of the 5th Annual General Meeting of WALS
held on Monday, 5 September 2016 at 11 am
at the Alumni Auditorium, University of Exeter, UK

Attendance: 110 WALS members.

1. Welcome Address by WALS President

1.1. WALS President Christine Lee welcomed everyone to the AGM. She asked members from various different countries where they were from and informed the meeting that the Exeter conference had attracted about 530 delegates from 39 countries.
1.2. She noted that this was the 10th year of WALS and her sixth and final year as president. She received a standing ovation from all assembled.
1.3. She thanked the organising committee for their work in arranging such a successful conference and thanked Brahm Norwich, the conference convenor, as well as Helen Hicks, the administrator of the conference, for all the work done to make the conference successful and a good experience for participants and contributors alike. She also thanked UK Council members, Pete Dudley, Jean Lang, Di Hatchett and Gill Jordon for their contributions to the organization of the conference.

2. Annual Report for 2016 (Hon Gen Sec, Dr Pete Dudley)

2.1. The Hon Gen Sec introduced his annual report and highlighted some important sections that were coming up later in the agenda. These included the successes of the 2015 and the current conferences, and the increase in membership that conferences and online registration to join WALS were bringing about. He noted the exciting plans and proposals for the 2017 and 2018 conferences and the continued success, growth and influence of the Journal. He reminded members that WALS now has 709 members. It was increasingly marketing its activities through social media and has over 900 followers on Twitter and an active Facebook page and encouraged members to follow and interact. He encouraged new members to follow WALS and reminded them that they would this year gain their access to the Journal almost immediately and that their current membership lasts until 31 December 2017. He encouraged them to remain members thereafter.
2.2. He also noted the forthcoming challenges for WALS – firstly financial and secondly in communicating news information and in generating online activity in between conferences. He stated that these would be priorities for WALS in the future. He hoped there would soon be a blog of the month with a hosted post blog discussion between members each month and perhaps also Webinars.
2.3. He noted that the planned translation of Japanese Lesson Study books into English had been delayed. Christine Lee explained that the series wouldl no longer be a translation of Japanese Lesson Study books because of copyright issues as advised by the publisher. Instead the series would be a WALS Lesson Studies Series with Routledge and the plan was to launch the series in Nagoya with the publication of the first book by Prof Kiyomi Akita under the series.
2.4. He encouraged members of WALS to upload information about events directly to the website news page.
2.5. He thanked WALS administrator Pauline Goh for all her work behind the scene over the past 12 months.

3. Annual Financial Statement for 2016 (Hon Treasurer, A/P Hiroyuki Kuno)

3.1. Treasurer Hiroyuki Kuno presented his financial report to the AGM and informed the meeting that in the past year there had been a significant financial loss of S$ 8,560 (around US$ 5K).
3.2. He reiterated the need for more members, well-attended conferences and for a WALS business plan to address this deficit as a priority. Christine Lee stated that the WALS Council had agreed to recommend to the AGM the setting up of working groups to address the issues of financial planning, marketing, membership, publications, young researchers and other priorities which the new President would take forward.

4. Election of Council Members for new Term (2017-2019): re-elections and new nominations

4.1. Christine Lee outlined changes to the Council since the last meeting. She also announced that Prof Ference Marton would be honoured with Life Membership of WALS for his contribution to WALS and to the development of Learning Study.
4.2. She also announced that the Council had elected two new members at its meeting on 3 September. Professor Xu-Dong Zhu from Beijing Normal University, China was introduced by Council Member Lynn Paine, and Mr. Roland Knoblauch from State Academy, Baden Württenburg, Germany was introduced by WALS Treasurer A/P Hiroyuki Kuno.

5. Election of President, Executive Committee & Auditors.

5.1. Christine Lee explained that Dr Pete Dudley had been proposed by herself and seconded by Vice President Prof Catherine Lewis for the position of President. Since there were no other nominations, she declared Pete Dudley duly elected as President. The AGM unanimously endorsed this and applauded Dr Dudley on his appointment.
5.2. Pete Dudley announced that Prof Kuno had completed his term as Treasurer and thanked him for his valued support to WALS.
5.3. Christine Lee confirmed Vice Presidents Catherine Lewis and Kiyomi Akita in their posts.
5.4. She announced that the new president had chosen two members of the Council for his Treasurer and Hon Gen Secretary. She introduced Christina Ratnam (in absentia) as Treasurer and explained that it is best for the Treasurer to be a Singaporean to handle bank matters in Singapore when the President is a non-Singaporean. Pete Dudley introduced Jean Lang as Hon Gen Secretary. Jean has been responsible for social media marketing of WALS over the past two years and is an experienced system leader with a good understanding of web development and use in such organisations.
5.5. Christine Lee announced that Yanping Fang and Edmund Lim had agreed to be WALS auditors. Their being Singaporeans would allow them to manually check the financial documents more easily.
5.6. Christine announced that Akihiko Takahashi who is very influential in Lesson Study globally had been nominated as an Executive Council member.
5.7. Christine explained that due to the forthcoming introduction of the working committees, the Executive Committee had agreed to a transitional period over the coming year as the new way of working is tried and tested. The rest of the Executive Committee besides the 6 office bearers, will be decided later .
Afternote: The rest of the Executive Committee in addition to the office bearers making 13 members in all includes Keith Wood (IJLLS Lead Editor), Airi Rovio-Johannson, Akihiko Takahashi, Hiroyuki Kuno, Manabu Sato, Sumar Hendayana and Ulla Runessen.

6. Change to Constitution: proposal to change Council term from 4 years to 3 years

6.1. Christine Lee explained the need for this change: for there to be a standing Council at times of election of a new President and a change in Ex-Co which occur every 2 years. The resolution was read and unanimously passed by all present.

7. Report on WALS 2016 Conference (Chair of 2016 Organising Committee)

7.1. Brahm Norwich, Chair of the Exeter Conference Organising Committee, reported verbally on the Exeter conference. Brahm extended his thanks to the organising committee and in particular to Helen Hicks and Steve Whyte for their tireless work. There was general agreement that the conference had been a great success and Brahm and the Exeter team were thanked again.

8. Update on WALS 2017 and WALS 2018 Conferences (Respective Chairs/Representatives of Organising Committees)

8.1. A/P Kuno gave a detailed update on the preparations for the 2017 conference in Nagoya outlining the programme and also social and cultural opportunities for delegates in and around Nagoya. He also showed a video about Nagoya University.
8.2. Christine Lee thanked the Nagoya and Fukui prefecture team for their excellent preparation for this conference.
8.3. Christine Lee announced the proposal and acceptance by Council of the Beijing Normal University proposal to host the conference in 2018.
8.4. There was a broad welcome for both conference plans and proposals.

9. Update on International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies (IJLLS) (Prof John Elliott)

9.1. John introduced his report to the AGM on the progress of IJLLS, which is now SCOPUS accredited. He reported that the supply of submissions and the journal's circulation had improved along with the Journal's reputation. He highlighted some of the key developments, publications and download statistics and noted that IJLLS is regarded as a highly ‘internationalised’ journal.
9.2. He urged members to view the articles as a major resource.
9.3. John also announced that he and Mun Ling Lo were retiring. John thanked Mun Ling and Miriam McGregor, the IJLLS administrator. Serving teachers had been supported to submit and publish papers as a result of her help.
9.4. John introduced Keith Wood (in absentia) as the new Editor in Chief as well as Prof David Pedder from UK, Prof Airi Rovio-Johannsson from Sweden, A/P Pang Ming Fai from HK and A/P Fang Yanping from Singapore, as the members of the new editorial board. He emphasised the fact that the journal accepts drafts in a contributor's first language and encouraged a wide range of people to submit articles and posters in their first language if they felt uncertain of their English.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 12.30 pm.

Recorded by: Dr. Pete Dudley (Hon Gen Secretary)
Approved by: A/P Christine Lee (President)
Date: 20 September 2016

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