Annual Report 2016

WALS 5th

Annual General Meeting

Date:   Monday, 5 September 2016

Time: 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

Venue:   Exeter University, United Kingdom

Annual Report

1 January – 31 December 2016


1             WALS Executive Committee 2015 – 2016

1.1          This is the final year of the Presidency of A/P Christine Lee who was first elected for the 2011-2012 term. In all she has served 3 terms.

1.2          Christine has brought her wealth of international experience to bear on her presidency as well as her determination to see WALS established as an organisation with a significant and growing international reputation and her relentless energy to engage people and organisations of global standing and persuade them to become involved with WALS. Under her presidency the numbers of countries represented by WALS members has almost doubled. Antarctica is now the only continent still to be represented amongst WALS members. WALS owes a debt of gratitude to Christine who we are pleased to say will continue to help steer WALS in her next position as immediate past president.

1.3          Together with the renewal of the President’s position will be the formation of a new Executive Committee by the incoming President. May we therefore take this opportunity to thank Christine Lee and her Executive Committee for their commitment, dedication and hard work in providing vision, direction and nurture to WALS, bringing it to its now vibrant, sustainable level of operation as an organisation of widely recognised international standing.

President                                               : Assoc Prof Christine Lee (Singapore)

Vice Presidents                                    : Prof Kiyomi Akita (Japan)
                                                                : Dr Catherine Lewis (USA)

Hon. General Secretary                      : Dr Peter Dudley (UK)

Hon. Treasurer                                     : Assoc Prof Hiroyuki Kuno (Japan)

Immediate Past President                  : Professor Emeritus John Elliott (UK)

Member                                                : Prof Keith Wood (Brunei)

Member                                                : Dr Ko Po Yuk (HK)

                Member                                                : Dr Sumar Hendayana (Indonesia)

Member                                                : Prof Manabu Sato (Japan)

Member                                                : Mr Edmund Lim (Singapore)

Member                                                : Prof Airi Rovio-Johansson (Sweden)

                Member                                                : Prof Ulla Runesson (Sweden)

Internal Auditor                                   : Dr Yeap Ban Har (Singapore)

Internal Auditor                                   : Dr Tay-Ang May Yin(Singapore) 

2.0          WALS Council 

2.1          New Council Members 

                3 new council members were elected at the last AGM. They are: Assel Sharimova (Kazakhstan), Cheon Hoseong (South Korea) and Elaine Munthe (Norway). The WALS Council’s current term (2013-2016) will end and a new term of 3 years begins in 2017 following a proposed change in the Constitution and approval by the Registry of Societies, Singapore.

3.0          WALS Website

3.1          News Sharing

                This feature is available on the WALS website, but is not being used. Members are encouraged to look it up to see if they might find it useful for their own publicity use. Feedback and comments are welcome to help improve use of the facility. A meeting of European members of WALS held on 2 September in Exeter identified this feature of the website as a key reference point for European WALS members to use in order to share their work not only across Europe but across the world. As Honorary General Secretary of WALS I would encourage all members to post at least one news item or Case Report of their or colleagues’ work over the coming 14 months.               

3.2          Social Media Platforms

                Our Twitter account : @WALessonStudy  currently attracts 800 followers from around the world and our Facebook Page: https// some interest especially when a post is directly related to WALS. Members may wish to use these alternatives to post items for sharing and make comments. Members are also encouraged to link their own Lesson Study websites with in consultation with Pauline who can facilitate a reciprocal link from the WALS website.

4              Membership

4.1          WALS membership totalled 709 as at August 2016, with 599 registered at WALS 2015 and 110 online subscriptions. New countries represented through conference participation include: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Iran, and Qatar. Altogether, the current membership is made up of 34 nationalities. 15 members have paid for a 10 year membership.

4.2          WALS members are encouraged to renew their memberships as soon as they receive their notice of renewal that is sent to them one month before their expiry. Their new memberships will start on the day after their current membership ends, so there is no fear of overpayment. Fees paid at the conference include a 1 year membership fee which starts in January of the following year. Any valid subscription at that point in time will receive a full year extension.

5              Financial Statement for 2015

                Please refer to attached Audited Statement of Accounts.

6              International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies

6.1          Editorial Office Report

                Please refer to attached report by Chief Editor, John Elliott               

7              Translation of Japanese Lesson Study Books into English

There is a delay in the launch of the book by Kiyomi Akita. It is now scheduled to come out in 2017. We are still waiting for book proposals from Manabu Sato, Masami Matoba and Nagoya colleagues. 

8              WALS-JTB Lesson Study Immersion Programme (LSIP)

                LSIP2016 will be held from Nov 27 to Dec 4th in Tokyo and Fuji City. WALS Vice President Kiyomi Akita has played a major role in organizing the Programme and helping with access to schools. Profs Manabu Sato, Kiyomi Akita and Ryoko Tsuneyoshi will be giving lectures to participants.

9              WALS Annual International Conference

9.1          United Kingdom, 2016

                This year’s WALS conference at Exeter University in United Kingdom is on the theme, Lesson Study: Transforming Teaching and Teacher Learning in Professional Learning Communities. As of 2 August there were 469 confirmed registrations with final numbers expected to be higher. The conference is attracting visitors from across the world and because of the location and date we will welcome more visitors from the US than is possible when the conference is held in late November. While the conference has not yet attracted the interest of national TV as did the previous two conferences in Thailand and Indonesia, it has received interest from the Times Educational Supplement which published this article on its website.

9.2          Japan 2017

                WALS 2017 will be organized by a team headed by A/P Hiroyuki Kuno and will take place in Nagoya University under the auspices of the Graduate School of Education & Human Development. The conference will be from 24-27 November with school visits on the last day. The proposed theme is Bridging Research and Practice through Lesson Study.

9.3          China 2018

Plans are underway for WALS 2018 to be held in Beijing Normal University. The proposed dates are 7-9 October 2018 with 2 options for theme: 1) Lesson study and teacher education: international comparisons and cultural dialogues or 2) Lesson study and teacher education: Envisioning excellence and efficiency of teaching and learning. 

10           WALS Council’s Global Activities

                During the year, Council members were active in speaking and presenting at conferences, symposiums, and leading research and learning programmes in their own countries and around the world. The list includes the following:

President, Christine Lee

Peking & Beijing Normal U, China (May), Tokyo, Japan (Jun & Dec)

Secretary, Pete Dudley

Netherlands (May and Nov), Wales (June), Thailand (Oct), England (Feb, Apr, Jun, Jul, Sept.)

Manabu Sato

Thailand (Nov 15), Taiwan (Dec 15, May), China (Mar, Jun), S Korea (Aug)

Sumar Hendayana

Tokyo (Feb), Hiroshima (May), Bandung (Jul & Aug)

Keith Wood

Brunei (Implementation of a nationwide research based LS/AR model of PD for teachers)

Ko Po Yuk

Hong Kong (Apr-Jul), Singapore (Mar), Nanjing (Dec), Taiwan (Mar)

Airi Rovio-Johansson

Oslo, Norway (Apr)

Ulla Runesson

Umeå, Malmö, Sweden (Feb,Apr), Germany (Jul)

Xiangming Chen

Tokyo, Khon Kaen, Shanghai (2015), Macau (2016)

Yeap Ban Har

England (Apr), Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore (all year)

Ellen Zhang

Hong Kong, China, USA (Apr), Austria (Sep), Sweden (Oct)

Elaine Munthe

Norway, Finland

Gill Jordan

UK: London, NW & SW (all year)

Claudia Mewald

Spain & Cyprus (May) Austria (Jun, Sep),  UK (Aug), Switzerland (Oct)

Arani Sarkar

Iran (May, Aug), Indonesia (Sep), Singapore (Nov), S Korea (Dec)

Stéphane Clivaz

Lyon, Paris, France (Apr, May, Nov), Japan (Jun), Germany (Jul)

Sean Li

Edmonton, Canada (Jul-Aug), China (Sep)

Maitree Inprashita

Thailand (Feb – Jul), Japan (Feb, Apr), New Zealand (Feb), Cambodia (Jun), Germany (Jul)

Mona Holmqvist

New Zealand (July), Cyprus (Aug, Oct)

Prepared by:

Dr. Pete Dudley, Hon. Gen. Secretary

Pauline Goh, Administrator

Reviewed by:

A/P Christine Lee

President, WALS.

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