Annual Report 2015

WALS 4th

Annual General Meeting

Date:   Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Time:       11.30 am – 12.30 pm

Venue:   Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Annual Report

1 January – 31 December 2015


1              WALS Executive Committee 2014 – 2015

1.1          At the AGM in November 2014, A/P Christine Lee was re-elected as President for another 2 year term (2015-2016) and A/P Hiroyuki Kuno was elected Hon. Treasurer for the same period.  There was no other change to the composition of the Executive Committee. Two new internal auditors were appointed for 2015 -2016.

President                                               : Assoc Prof Christine Lee (Singapore)

Vice Presidents                                    : Prof Kiyomi Akita (Japan)
                                                                : Dr Catherine Lewis (USA)

Hon. General Secretary                      : Dr Peter Dudley (UK)

Hon. Treasurer                                     : Assoc Prof Hiroyuki Kuno (Japan)

Immediate Past President                  : Professor Emeritus John Elliott (UK)

Member                                                : Prof Keith Wood (Brunei)

Member                                                : Dr Ko Po Yuk (HK)

                Member                                                : Dr Sumar Hendayana (Indonesia)

Member                                                : Prof Manabu Sato (Japan)

Member                                                : Mr Edmund Lim (Singapore)

Member                                                : Prof Airi Rovio-Johansson (Sweden)

                Member                                                : Prof Ulla Runesson (Sweden)

Internal Auditor                                   : Dr Yeap Ban Har (Singapore)

Internal Auditor                                   : Dr Tay-Ang May Yin(Singapore)

2              WALS Council

2.1          New Council Members

                2 new council members were elected during the last AGM. They are: Stéphane Clivez (Switzerland) and Claudia Mewald (Austria). We welcome them to active involvement in the development of WALS as we continue to share the benefits of lesson and learning studies to the world at large.

3              WALS Secretariat in Singapore

3.1          Constitutional Amendments

                The Registrar of Societies ordered the inclusion of several clauses to our Constitution during the year. Our members were informed of these in a letter dated 23 February 2015, and no objections were received. It was deemed that all the new inclusions were accepted, the constitution was hence amended and the ROS duly informed. These new clauses pertain mainly to the proper use of the Association’s funds, and refraining from political activity. A copy of the constitution is available on the WALS website for members’ information.

4.0          WALS Website

4.1          News Sharing

                The sharing of news about lesson studies around the world that is available on the WALS website was largely unused by our members. Although reminders about its availability were periodically sent out, and its ease of use explained, there was only one instance of an independent entry. Members are urged to make use of this feature for their own purposes such as highlighting projects they are conducting, publicising  conferences they are planning, or sharing milestones in their professional lives.  At the same time they will contribute to the enrichment of interaction among lesson study practitioners in WALS.  The benefit of using this feature is that items shared will be archived and kept as a record for the long term. We will maintain this feature on the website for another year with a view to removing it if it continues to be under-utilised.


4.2          Social Media Platforms

                There are now 2 social media platforms for WALS member to connect with each other, and to access news. These are a Twitter account : @WALessonStudy  currently with 310 followers from all over the world and also a Facebook Page: https//

5              Membership

5.1          WALS membership totalled 667 at the end of September 2015, registered both at WALS conference 2014 and online. New countries represented through membership include: Austria, Greece, Iceland, Iran, South Africa and Iran through online subscription while at the conference they were Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Zambia. Altogether, the current membership is made up of 33 nationalities. 9 members have paid for a 10 year membership.

5.2          WALS members are encouraged to renew their memberships as soon as they receive their notice of renewal that is sent to them one month before their expiry. Their new memberships will start on the day after their current membership ends, so there is no fear of overpayment. Since WALS is dependent on membership fees for its work, support from members is of paramount importance and members are reminded that the small fee they pay annually goes for free access to the IJLLS, our flagship journal, and to other useful resources as well as to the maintenance of a secretariat that serves a very active community.

6              Financial Statement for 2015

                Please refer to attached Audited Statement of Accounts.

7              International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies

7.1          Renewal of subscription term with Emerald Publishing

                We were able to secure favourable terms of contract with our publisher with rates remaining the same for three years, 2015 – 2017, despite the increase with publication rising from three issues to four issues per year. Liabilities to WALS were also kept to a minimum.

7.2          Editorial Office Report

                Please refer to attached report by Chief Editor, John Elliott


8              Translation of Japanese Lesson Study Books into English

                Kiyomi Akita’s book has been translated into English and it is expected to be out by mid 2016. We continue with plans to translate books by Manabu Sato and Masami Matoba. However, Taylor & Francis, the publisher, has advised that the series need not be limited to English translations of Japanese books on Lesson Study given the difficulty in getting copyright from Japanese publishers. Instead, a WALS-Routledge Lesson Study Book Series has been suggested with Christine Lee, Catherine Lewis, Kiyomi Akita and Keith Wood as editors.

9              WALS-JTB Lesson Study Immersion Programme (LSIP)

                In 2013, the Japan Travel Bureau initiated the organisation of a study trip for Singapore teachers interested in making visits to schools in Japan to observe first hand lesson study in practice. It approached WALS to provide the expert guidance needed. After the initial trips in 2013 and 2014, it was decided that a formal partnership be formed for consistency of quality and continuity. The WALS-JTB LSIP 2015 to Nagoya and Fukui Prefecture was co-directed by Hiroyuki Kuno, Toshiya Chichibu and Christine Lee and attracted 29 school leaders and teachers from Singapore schools, Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) and MOE. The WALS-JTB LSIP will be an annual event each 3rd week in June supported by LS experts from Japan. Kiyomi Akita and Manabu Sato will be co-directing LSIP 2016. It is non-profit making for WALS but JTB, being a commercial enterprise, does it as part of their business. To date participants have all been Singaporean teachers and principals. However, the plan is to extend it to others who might wish to join this immensely rewarding experience which takes place normally in June.

10           WALS Annual International Conference

10.1        Thailand 2015

                This year’s WALS conference at Khon Kaen University in Thailand is on the theme, Lesson Study for the improvement of learning, teaching and classroom quality. As of 26 Oct there were 261 confirmed registrations but more would be expected before registration closed.

10.2        United Kingdom 2016

                WALS 2016 is confirmed to take place at the University of Exeter, organised by its Graduate School of Education, with Prof Brahm Norwich as Chairman of the organising committee. The theme will be Lesson Study: transforming teaching and teacher learning in professional learning communities. It will be held from 3– 5 September 2016. The Expert Seminar will be held a day before, and the school visits a day after the conference.

10.3        Japan 2017

                A proposal has been submitted by the Graduate School of Education & Human Development of Nagoya University to host WALS 2017. Ex-Co member, A/P Hiroyuki Kuno, will be Chairman of the organising committee. The theme under consideration is Lesson Study: sustainable impact, influential partnership & effective curriculum implementation.

11           WALS Council’s Global Activities

                During the year, Council members were active in speaking and presenting at conferences, symposiums, and leading research and learning programmes in their own countries and around the world. The list includes the following:

President, Christine Lee

Nagoya (Jun), Tokyo (Aug & Dec), London (Oct)

VP, Kiyomi Akita

Singapore (May), Taiwan (Sep), China (Oct)

VP, Catherine Lewis

Singapore (Nov)

Secretary, Pete Dudley

Netherlands & Hamburg (Jan), Tokyo & Nagoya (Mar), Cyprus (Aug), Singapore (Nov)

Treasurer, Hiroyuki Kuno

Singapore visitors in Nagoya (Mar & Jun), Singapore (Jun), Bali, Indonesia (Sept), Astana, Kazakhstan (Oct)

John Elliott

Maynooth, Ireland (May), Astana, Kazakhstan (Oct)

Manabu Sato

Hanoi, Vietnam (Mar), Tainan, Taiwan (May), Beijing & Chongqing, China (Jun), Pusan, Korea (Aug), Bangkok, Thailand (Nov), Taipei, Taiwan (Dec)

Chen Xiangming

USA (Apr), Tokyo (Aug)

Stéphane Clivaz

Evora, Portugal (Mar), Dublin, Ireland (May), Copenhagen, Denmark (May), London-Cambridge (Jun), Brest, France (Aug), Lyon , France (Nov)

Mona Holmqvist

New Zealand (Jul), Cyprus (Aug & Oct)

Sean Li

Alberta, Canada (various occasions)

Airi Rovio-Johansson

Norway (Feb & Sep)

Akihiko Takahashi

Philippines (May), Qatar (Mar, May, Oct, Dec), Japan (Jun, Sep, Oct)

Prepared by:

Dr Pete Dudley, Hon Gen Secretary

Pauline Goh, Administrator

Vetted by:

A/P Christine Lee

President, WALS

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