Annual Report 2014

WALS 3rd

Annual General Meeting

Date:   Monday, 25 November 2014

Time:       11.30 am – 12.30 pm

Venue:   UniversitasPendidikan Indonesia

Annual Report

(1 January – 31 December 2014)


1                     WALS Executive Committee 2013 – 2014

1.1          There was no change to the composition of the Ex-Co in 2014:

President                                                : Assoc Prof Christine Lee (Singapore)

Vice Presidents                                     : Prof Kiyomi Akita (Japan)
                                                                : Dr Catherine Lewis (USA)

Hon. General Secretary                      : Dr Peter Dudley (UK)

Hon. Treasurer                                     : Mr Edmund Lim W.K. (Singapore)

Immediate Past President                  : Professor Emeritus John Elliott (UK)

Member                                                 : Prof Keith Wood (Brunei)

Member                                                 : DrKo Po Yuk (HK)

                Member                                                 : DrSumarHendayana (Indonesia)

Member                                                 : Assoc Prof Hiroyuki Kuno (Japan)

Member                                                 : Prof Manabu Sato (Japan)

Member                                                 : Prof AiriRovio-Johansson (Sweden)

                Member                                                 : Prof Ulla Runesson (Sweden)

Internal Auditor                                    : Asst Prof Fang Yanping (Singapore)

Internal Auditor                                    : Dr Christina Ratnam (Singapore)

The election of President and change of Hon. Treasurer are due for the next 2 years, 2015-2016.

2              WALS Council Discussion


2.1          During the past year, under the direction of Vice President, Prof Catherine Lewis, WALS Council members have engaged in an online discussion about the future of the Association, its role, the direction it should take and its relevance to its members. This discussion remains on-going and further interaction is expected among Council members during the WALS 2014 conference.A summary of the contributions will be posted on the WALS website in the new year 2015.

3              WALS Secretariat in Singapore

3.1          We applied to the Registry of Societies and successfully secured a change to the WALS financial year from one that ends on 31 December to one that ends on 30 June. This has been done in order to enable WALS to present a full year’s accounts when the AGM takes place at the end of the year when the conference takes place in East Asia and in September when it takes place further West.

4              WALS website

4.1          There is now a new feature in the website for the sharing of news about lesson studies around the world and activities that promote or are associated with Lesson Study. The news is gathered underfive different categories from among our members. The format is set up to allow members to submit their items themselves and there is an editorial service which will make sure that these postings are copy edited before they are published online.

The challenge for WALS and its members now is to get intothe habit of sharing news about our lesson studies in our own countries with the WALS website and thus with WALS members and others around the world.

4.2          Online membership subscription was launched in Oct 2013 for 3 membership categories. These are for students, regular members and 10-year memberships. (See section 5 below for response rates).

WALS aims to increase online subscriptions by gathering more evidence of Lesson Study activities around the world in order to attract new visitors to the website who become potential WALS members. This is another reason why it will be important for WALS members to share their news and their lesson studies with WALS for online publication.

WALS will also be opening a Twitter account on its website. This will enable all those WALS members who tweet to share their ideas, experiences, pictures, posts, blogs and links concerning Lesson Study, all year round.

4.3          Full access to the WALS journal, the International Journal of Lesson and Learning Study, is now available to members directly when they login under the “Members Area”. There is no need for another set of login details. This also gives them access to back editions of the journal since itsinception in 2012.

4.4          One of WALS’s aims for 2014 is to increase, not only the sharing of news through the WALS website, but also the sharing of lesson studies in a way that enables teachers around the world to learn from and to replicate the approaches they find but which isa little less academically demanding than a fully peer reviewed IJLLS article. We are hoping this will be more visual as well (with photos and YouTube video links), and that it will, in time,become a new international channel for sharing ideas and practice through lesson study. It may also be that a number of these posts subsequently get written up and published through the IJLLS as well.

5              Membership


5.1          WALS membership totalled633 at the end of September 2014. Of these,603 registered at Gothenburg in September 2013 and30 registered online. Of the online subscriptions, 9 were students, 16 were regulars and 5 were 10-year memberships.

5.2          Sponsorship of conference fees for 13 student presenters has been granted for WALS 2014.

6              Financial Statement for 2014

6.1          Please refer to attached Audited Statement of Accounts and Accompanying Notes.

7              International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies

7.1          This year is the last time the journal will be published on a 3 issues per year basis. It will move to 4 issues per year in 2015. The Editors felt that there was a sufficient flow of high quality submissions to warrant this. This is partly due to the fact that the Journal attracts studies of teaching and learning that adopt approaches other than the methodology rooted in the Japanese Lesson Study tradition. We had hoped that the WALS Annual Conferences would sustain a greater flow of submissions from within this tradition than they have. This may be due to the fact that the conference presentations do not always have to be made in English or require the production of full text papers in advance. The IJLLS policy of allowing submissions in the first language for an initial review in that language prior to translation has only slowly begun to take effect this year. We also now have financial help from WALS to pay an English Language specialist to help polish the English expression of successful submissions, on the basis of one article per issue. This has been a considerable problem in the past. In these ways we are trying to help authors whose first language is not English to make their Lesson and Learning Studies more globally accessible.  However, the IJLLS needs the active support of the conference organizing committees to further increase the flow of submissions from the Annual Conference. This is a matter of considerable importance as the IJLLS move to 4 issues per year. This move our publisher writes: “ ... will bring it in line with the prestigious publication cycle of the majority of ISI ranked journals.... A quarterly publication cycle is generally seen as being indicative of a strong submission pipeline and healthy submission rate, all signs which help to attract more and higher quality submissions on an international level.”

7.2          Another step in the upgrading process is an application for inclusion in Scopus. We expect a decision from the Journal Selection Board by the end of the year. All the indicators for inclusion (unique editorial scope, strong citation history, board composition, and internationality of authorship) are, our publisher informs us, positive. . Our publisher writes: “Scopus citation analysis reveals that every paper published in IJLLS to-date has been cited at least once. The citing journals include some of the most highly ranked ISI journals in educational research ...“

8              Translation of Japanese Lesson Study Books into English


8.1          Taylor & Francis will be publishing the outstanding series of Japanese books on Lesson Study. After much effort to find an excellent translator, Mr Edmund Lim is presently working with the translator, a multilingual Japanese language teacher with the National University of Singapore. Professor Akita's book will be the first in the series to be published in mid 2015

9              WALS Annual International Conference

9.1          Indonesia 2014

                WALS 2014 held at the University of Education, Bandung on the theme,Becoming reflective educators and professionals of learning over 25 -28 November, received payment from around 500 registrants, coming from 30 countries as on 10 Oct.

9.2          Thailand 2015

                Next year’s WALS conference will be held at Khon Kaen University in Thailand on the theme, Lesson Study for the improvement of learning, teaching and classroom quality.

9.3          England 2016

                Looking further ahead, WALS 2016 will be in the UK at the University of               

                Exeter. The theme will be Lesson Study: partnership, reflective practice, leadership and impact.

Prepared by:

Dr Pete Dudley, Hon Gen Secretary

Pauline Goh, WALS Administrator

Vetted by:

A/P Christine Lee

President, WALS

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