Annual Report 2013

WALS 2nd

Annual General Meeting

Date:   Sunday, 8 September 2013

Time:  12 – 1 pm

Venue:   Room AK2-155, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Annual Report

(1 January – 31 December 2013)


1       WALS Executive Committee 2013 – 2014

1.1       WALS Council gave their approval for the following members to form the Executive Committee on 27 November 2012. They will hold office for 2 years, until 2014:

Vice Presidents

Hon. General Secretary
Hon. Treasurer
Immediate Past President
Internal Auditor
Internal Auditor
: Assoc Prof Christine Lee (Singapore)
: Prof Kiyomi Akita (Japan)
: Dr Catherine Lewis (USA)
: Dr Peter Dudley (UK)
: Mr Edmund Lim W.K. (Singapore)
: Professor Emeritus John Elliott (UK)
: Prof Keith Wood (Brunei)
: Dr Ko Po Yuk (HK)
: Dr Sumar Hendayana (Indonesia)
: Assoc Prof Hiroyuki Kuno (Japan)
: Prof Manabu Sato (Japan)
: Prof Airi Rovio-Johansson (Sweden)
: Prof Ulla Runesson (Sweden)
: Asst Prof Fang Yanping (Singapore)
: Dr Christina Ratnam (Singapore)

2       WALS Secretariat in Singapore

2.1       WALS Secretariat engaged the services of Pauline Goh as Administrator in March 2013. Her duties are to support the functions of the President, Honorary General Secretary and Honorary Treasurer, to supervise the WALS website and to maintain all administrative and financial records. Pauline has made a good start and we would like to thank her for her excellent support.

2.2       A bank account for WALS was opened with OCBC Bank in March 2013. Funds previously held in trust by the Principals Academy Inc. (PAI), Singapore, were transferred to this account. The WALS Secretariat address was also officially changed to National Institute of Education, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Academic Group, I Nanyang Walk.

2.3       We particularly wish to express our deep gratitude to APS, specifically CEO, Mr Ezra Ng and supporting officer, Mr Joseph Loy, for providing WALS with the services necessary to run the WALS secretariat since 2011 and for their help in ensuring a smooth transition to our current independent operation.

            We hope to maintain strong relations between APS and WALS over the coming years.

3       WALS website

3.1       The WALS website has been set up in Singapore and is being maintained and kept up to date content-wise. Its seamless integration with the conference website has made for smooth navigation between the main website and the conference.

            The site has created a listings page where key lesson and learning study events around the world are posted for the information of WALS members and visitors to the site. We would like to encourage members of WALS to post such events on the site by sending details of the events to Pauline Goh. They may be either events that people can attend from around the world or they may be local events to the particular country which are posted as a way of conveying the level and diversity of Lesson Study and Learning Study activity going on around the world each month. In future we hope also to report on the outcomes and success of these events through a six monthly WALS e-newsletter.

            The site has also created a listings section with links to key lesson and learning study focused websites around the world that are affiliated with WALS.

There is an on-going effort to make online membership registration possible and to complete the post-conference 2012 uploading of papers by presenters so that they can be downloaded by members. We are making all efforts to resolve the current difficulties as soon as possible and to have this functionality in place for 2014.

 4       Membership

4.1       WALS membership totalled 1,125 in 2013. As a result of these growing numbers, the organisation has been able to provide limited financial support in terms of reimbursement of registration fee for the 2013 Conference in Sweden to 7 PhD student presenters. The organization would wish to provide support where it can but the ability to provide such support is dependent on sufficient income from membership and so there is no guarantee that such support will be available every year. However, whenever WALS finances allow, the Executive Committee will endeavour to provide support to a limited number of members who would benefit from such assistance.

5       Financial Statement for 2013

5.1       Please refer to Appendix I.

6       International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies

            The official academic journal of WALS, The International Journal of Learning and Lesson Studies, has published throughout this period adding important knowledge about Lesson and Learning Studies to the world’s knowledge base. The first special issue for IJLLS, co-edited by Christine Lee and Lo Mun Ling will be made available to WALS 2013 conference. The special issue is based on papers presented at WALS 2012 Expert Seminar in Singapore. Details of the journal’s circulation and marketing plans for 2014 will be provided to the Annual General Meeting in a separate report from the Journal under agenda item 6.

            The journal is taking forward plans to create ‘poster’ style contents using specific criteria for presentation of lesson studies in ways which allow for more visual material and with a less formal academic style than the research papers but which are nevertheless rigorous, purposeful and informative to readers.

 7       Translation of Japanese Lesson Study Books into English

7.1       WALS is collaborating with Taylor & Francis to translate into English and publish ‘classic’ outstanding Lesson Study books written in Japanese by Professor Manabu Sato and Professor Kiyomi Akita. The project overseers are Professor Kiyomi Akita and Mr Edmund Lim and Assoc Professor Christine Lee is the advisor. We look forward to the completion of the first phase of this project by the end of 2014.  

8       WALS Annual International Conference

8.1       Singapore 2012

The conference brought together about 1200 delegates from 25 countries across the globe. The largest contingent was from Singapore, followed by Sweden,Japan and Indonesia. For the first time ever, WALS had representatives from 8 new countries: Bahrain, Ghana, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Africa and Uzbekistan. The programme included 3 keynote addresses, 6 plenary sessions, 238 papers, 19 symposia, 9 workshops, 41 posters and school visits. The organizing committee was warmly thanked for providing an excellent conference.   

8.2       Sweden 2013

This year the WALS conference chaired by Associate Professor Mona Holmqvist, held in Gothenburg between 6 – 9 September, has attracted more than 600 delegates from 29 countries. It is a significant WALS conference because it is the first to be held outside East Asia. The theme, “Learning and Lesson Study as Teacher Research” is being explored through 5 keynotes addresses, plenary sessions, symposia, workshops, poster exhibits and culminates in school visits.

8.3       Indonesia 2014

This conference, chaired by Dr Sumar Hendayana, will be held at the Indonesia University of Education in Bandung from November 25 – 28 2014. The theme is “Becoming Reflective Educators and Professionals of Learning”. This conference has received support from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The first call for papers will go out on 30 November 2013.

Prepared by:

Dr Pete Dudley, Hon Gen Secretary

Pauline Goh, WALS Administrator

Vetted by:

A/P Christine Lee

President, WALS

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